Prayers for Shared Beat

Our own parishioners Linda and Sean Cook are heading to Guatemala again to work with Shared Beat.  We will be praying for them in Prayers of the People, please remember her in your personal prayers
Join us in prayer for the work of this organization, the children and communities they treat, and for safe travel.

"Shared Beat (as in shared heart beat) is a team of about 25 people who are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, audiologists and translators who go to Guatemala City twice a year.  Our primary mission is to serve the children of the City Dump community.  There are about 20,000 people who are squatters in or beside the landfill, and many work in the dump as scavengers.   The children who went to work with their parents in the dump had accidents (landslides, fires, run over by trucks, etc) until a young teacher from Maine established a school and nursery school for these children about 20 years ago.  The school is called Camino Segura/Safe Passage.     The medical team, Shared Beat, provides the medical care for the children in the school.  A team goes twice a year to do physicals, provide for children with chronic illnesses and acute illnesses, and hearing and vision screenings.   

When we are not there, we pay for a school nurse, and a Guatemalan doctor who works a few hours a week.  We also fund two Health Education teachers who teach lessons on hygiene, stress, nutrition, dental care, responsible sexuality etc.  Additionally, we provide eyeglasses and hearing aids for children in need, a toothbrush, vitamins and worm medicine.  We organize  a small pharmacy/dispensary with medicines donated by Blessings International and  have an emergency fund in the event that anyone needs to go to the hospital or a specialist.   Our scholarship program funds students who wish to pursue higher education in a health related field.  We have graduated two nurses, have about 6 more in nursing school, 2 in medical school and one in PT school.  

Our secondary mission is to care for the parents and families of these children.  We also partner with other teams in Guatemala to serve some of the outlying communities with agricultural workers with physicals, hearing and vision tests, vitamins, and medicines for acute needs.   In some of these villages, the families have never seen a physician.    

This will be my sixth trip and the third trip for my husband Sean.   While the program is not actually a faith-based program, for us, it is a ministry and our way of following the gospel."   

- Linda Cook